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Olympus confirms new high-end Four Thirds DSLR 'currently under study' following vague Facebook post

Visitors to Olympus' UK Facebook page were met with some "BREAKING NEWS!!" on Friday. According to the post, the camera maker is developing a new DSLR that would theoretically offer focusing performance on par with the OM-D, while providing native compatibility with the company's high-end Zuiko Digital ED lenses, such as the 90-250mm f/2.8. We reached out to Olympus reps in the US, who added the following:

"A new camera body is currently under study to complement our line of Zuiko Digital Specific Four Thirds lenses. However, Olympus has NOT issued a press release on this new camera body."

With Photokina just a month away, it's unclear whether or not this new mystery DSLR will make its debut there, but it's certainly a possibility. As for looks -- that's anyone's guess, though the company's social media arm opted to include a picture of the E-5, which serves as Olympus' current full-size flagship. You'll find the full Facebook post at the source link below.