Riot games reclaims domain from adult site

Riot games reclaims LeagueOfLegendsco domain from adult site

Riot Games has secured the (no "m") website after filing a complaint earlier this year, saying that a domain squatter had grabbed the name and redirected it to a porn site. The case on the World Intellectual Property Organization website has been terminated, and the domain is currently listed as owned by Riot Games, the company behind the popular MOBA game of the same name.

Those looking for illicit material on a League of Legends-related website will presumably have to go elsewhere. Like, for example,, which is another (currently empty) domain that Riot has another standing complaint against. Because Riot does own the "League of Legends" trademark, that case will probably see a similar result soon. And now that Riot has secured the URLs we know about, are they going to tell us what Supremacy is anytime soon?