Apple Remote Desktop Admin update

With all of the fanfare of a mouse creeping into a dark, dank basement, Apple updated the Apple Remote Desktop Admin app to version 3.6.1 a few days ago.

Remote Desktop 3.6.1 requires either OS X Lion or OS X Mountain Lion. For Mountain Lion, the update is available via the Updates tab in the Mac App Store. For Lion, the update will be available in the Mac App Store if you purchased Apple Remote Desktop from the store originally, or as an automatic software update if purchased on disc. There's also a manual update available for direct download.

What's in the update? Apple says that it will improve "the overall stability and reliability of the Remote Desktop application, and includes the following specific changes:"

  • Faster launch speed when long computer lists are present.

  • Reliability of migrated computer lists when upgrading from earlier versions of Apple Remote Desktop.

  • Improves observing and controlling computers that have more than one display.

More information about the update is available in KB articles HT5422 and HT1222.