Cut The Rope, Beat The Traffic, Angry Birds Space and more updated today

We've already heard about some big updates on the App Store this week, but this regular Thursday is also full of them -- some of the App Store's biggest apps are getting big chunky updates to use or play with. Here's a rundown for you.

  • Angry Birds Space has a Mars Curiosity rover-related update out, with 20 new levels on Mars, and a new astronaut pig. Sounds fun!

  • Cut the Rope also has new content, with new Spooky Box levels, and a feature called superpowers, which have you chasing after a new star on all levels to date.

  • Doodle Jump has gotten its "biggest update yet," featuring a new ninja theme to play with, as well as new objects to help you jump farther and faster than ever, and new mechanics and obstacles as well.

  • As previously mentioned, Facebook finally got its upgrade to a full app instead of just an HTML 5 skin, and it's much faster than it used to be.

  • ProCamera HD has launched, bringing the versatile and powerful camera app from iPhone to iPad.

  • The ingenious little Mission Alarm Clock (that requires you to complete "missions" to turn off your alarm every morning) has updated with a new UI and a new mission to complete.

  • Vintagio is an app that we recently posted about -- it's an update of MacPhun's Silent Movie Director.

  • And of course the TV Guide app was updated with things like celebrity watchlists and curated channel listings.

  • Finally, the bill management app Chronicle in the Mac App Store was updated for both Retina Display compatibility, as well as support for Mountain Lion, and a whole new, great looking interface.

All great apps, all updated with even more great features. All of these updates are available for download for free in an App Store near you.