Flickr Android app gets updated, touts refreshed UI and camera selection

Flickr's Android app has been around for nearly a year and was due for a tune-up to perform like its iOS sibling. First, a retooled UI touts a new navigation menu and the Explore section now does a better job of sorting shots according to nearby location and level of interest. In addition to the aforementioned photo library search, notifications, profile, camera and upload options fill out the rest of the main menu's tabbed options. Throughout the application, a pull down to refresh function keeps the most recent notifications and uploads at the top of the window. When the camera tab is tapped, you'll now be prompted to choose your camera or camera app of choice in order to capture the shot. Rounding out the improvements are improved overall search, the ability to edit details / metadata on pictures and HTML content in comments and descriptions. If you're looking to give the overhauled software a go, hit the source link below to snag it. %Gallery-163132%