IRISNotes 2 looks to undercut Livescribe, digitizes your scribbles for $99

IRIS is trying to make a big name for itself in the OCR world. But, top notch software alone isn't going to put its name on the tips of consumers tongues. For that they're gonna need something sexier, more... tangible. With its portable scanner line already on shelves the company is pushing out an update to its digital pen series IRISNotes. The IRISNotes Express 2 and Executive 2 are very similar to the intriguing Livescribe that, while compelling, never seemed to fly off the shelves. IRISNotes ditches the special paper required by its more popular competitor, and instead uses a small receiver that clips to the top of a standard sheet to record your scrawl in digitized form. IRIS hasn't specified how much storage is on board, only saying that it can save 100 pages worth of notes before you'll need to download its contents to a PC. The $99 Express undercuts Livescribe's cheapest offering by $20, but it's worth noting that it doesn't have support for voice notes or a stable of applications that tie into its ecosystem. The Executive model retails for $149 and sports a more elegant finish, befitting its name. It also comes with a 30-pin adapter that lets you dump your missives directly to an iDevice. Both are available now, and you'll find complete PR after the break.

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Just in Time for Back-to-School, I.R.I.S. Digitizes Writing with IRISNotes 2

Intelligent digital pens that transform handwritten notes into editable text

Delray Beach, Fla. – August 21, 2012 – I.R.I.S., a leading innovator in optical character recognition (OCR)software, is excited to announce the availability of their IRISNotes 2 lineup, digital pens that capture handwritten notes and convert them into edible text on a computer.
"Our IRISNotes 2 lineup saves time by eliminating the countless hours it takes to transcribe notes," said Jean-Marc Fontaine, Director of Sales and Operations, Americas at I.R.I.S. "IRISNotes 2 are the perfect solutions for students taking notes, businessmen transcribing meeting minutes, designers quickly sketching a new concept and more."

As simple as putting pen to paper, the IRISNotes 2 captures notes and drawings anytime, anywhere without a computer. Using a battery-powered pen and receiver clipped to the top of a standard sheet of paper, hand movements are tracked and recorded. No special paper needed! The receiver stores up to 100 pages of text, downloads the information to a computer and then I.R.I.S' Optical Character Recognition application converts handwriting into electronic text that can be sent to Word, Outlook, Notepad, etc.

It's available in two different versions: Express and Executive. The IRISNotes Express 2 is a battery powered pen that comes with 4 replacement batteries and aluminum carrying case. The IRISNotes Executive 2 has an executive style finish and comes with rechargeable battery, leather carrying pouch and 30-pin connector to share notes directly to your iPad, iPhone or iPod touch. With IRISNotes Executive 2, users can write and draw on photos taken with their iOS device and can be shared immediately on Facebook or Flicker.

The IRISNotes 2 Express and IRISNotes 2 Executive are now available for $99 and $149 respectively at