Samsung Galaxy Stellar rumored to hit Verizon for $100, hopes to lure you in with Amazon apps

Regardless of the situation, it's relatively safe to say Samsung will never, ever run out of Galaxy monikers. Now it's the Korean outfit's Galaxy Stellar making the internet rounds yet again, though there's a little more information attached this time around. Per Droid Life, Sammy's purported Verizon-bound Galaxy Stellar will be joining the carrier's LTE-equipped smartphone lineup with a $100 price tag (of course, that's assuming you sign a two-year deal) and is, as you can see above, said to be carrying an "easy-to-use" Starter mode to help folks get started, plus a compact design that "fits comfortably in hands." Most notably, however, are the tidbits flaunting Amazon apps rather than, say, the Android maker's Play offerings -- an interesting plug, to say the least. At this point nothing's quite set in stone, so we'll have to wait for more details to spill before making any assumptions.