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Meet the OwnFone: a customizable mobile phone that epitomizes simplicity

The OwnFone is neither smart nor world-friendly, and yet it's managed to grab our attention just the same. Designed for use only in the UK, it represents a rather novel take on the mobile phone with its customizable nature and simplistic design. Before ordering, owners must select among two, four, eight or a dozen contacts, and it's highly recommended to include emergency services among that bunch -- there's no option to dial actual numbers, as every contact is programmed and stored in the cloud.

In its current incarnation, contacts are represented by their names, but it will soon be possible to customize a phone with either photos or Braille. While owners can update a contact's phone number with a simple call to customer support, it's more cumbersome to replace a contact, as you'll need to order a decal to affix over the former friend. Due to its limited functionality, the OwnFone is best positioned as a backup or secondary phone, although its simplicity makes it particularly well-suited for children and some elderly individuals. As another nice touch, one's phone number is printed on the back of the OwnFone. You'll find it available today for £55, and all those curious to discover the customization options can check out the various colors, patterns and photos on OwnFone's website.