Dropbox two-step verification available for testing (Updated)

Update: It looks like 2-step authentication is now available for everyone.

As reported by Techdows, Dropbox is allowing users to enable two-step verification on their accounts. Two-step verification requires users to enter a six-digit security code along with their password when they login to Dropbox, or add a new computer, phone or tablet to their account.

Users need to install the latest beta forum build of Dropbox (version 1.5.12) to their computer and then visit Dropbox's website to activate two-step verification. Customers can choose between receiving their security code via text messaging or an authentication app like Google Authenticator (free). Command-line savvy Mac users can also use the Terminal-based OATH Tool to generate a code if needed. Dropbox also provides an backup code that customers can save for emergency access to their account if they lose their phone.

Though it my be inconvenient to enter in both a password and a variable code each time you login to Dropbox, some users may feel that it's worth it for the extra security. You can follow the instructions in Dropbox's forum post and on its website to get started.

Interest in two-factor auth and other "enhanced security" settings for cloud services has stepped up dramatically in the weeks since Wired's Mat Honan got hacked. Honan details the process of getting his data back in this recent post.

[Via The Verge]