New sandbox Xulu Universe begins alpha, offers world-building

New sandbox Xulu Universe begins alpha, offers worldbuilding

Xulu Universe, a new free-to-play MMORPG entering alpha, offers more sandbox elements than you can shake a stick at, by giving players the tools to create their own content, from activities to new worlds.

Nanci Solomon, CEO of Xulu Entertainment, stated, "The idea for Xulu Universe was collectively formed in our heads years ago. We've worked hard to bring high-end open play, socializing, and creativity together into a single cohesive experience. Our alpha launch is just an early peek at what's in store, and we look forward to our early user community to help guide our evolution."

Xulu Universe is inviting players to join its alpha testing. Those interested can sign up and download the game via the official site. All players will begin with a free ATV and a flying vehicle to facilitate exploration and play.

[Source: Xulu Entertainment press release]