Philips gives 21:9 TVs a wide berth, ceases production to focus on 16:9

While LG clearly thinks there's still some life in the super-wide format, Philips isn't so sure. In fact, the electronics stalwart has apparently just announced that it won't be releasing any more 21:9 TVs, due to lack of interest. Despite having regularly released new extra-wide sets since 2009, including 3D models, according to FlatpanelsHD, a spokesperson confirmed that demand barely meets the firm's requirements for mass production, and as such it's no longer viable. That's not to say that Philips is bowing out of big screens altogether though -- on the contrary -- it goes on to state that 50-inch screens, and above, are becoming increasingly important. For now, however, it looks like it'll be back to good old 16:9.