LaunchPort announces inductive charging system for iPad

We've all wished for cable-free charging of our iPads at one point or another, and now a new inductive charging system called the LaunchPort System is coming soon to give you a way to hold and charge your iPad without hooking up cables.

The AP.3 Sleeve fits on your new iPad like any other sleeve, cradling your iPad and providing protection. But it also comes with a powerful magnet built in to attach it to a wall station or base station (sold separately for $199 each) where it immediately begins charging the iPad. That magnet can also grip a metal surface like a refrigerator or workbench, although it won't be receiving a charge in that situation.

When it's off one of the mounts, the AP.3 Sleeve features hand grips on each side that make it easy to hold. The magnetic mounting/charging system allows rotation of the iPad a full 360 degrees. There are also AP.2 Sleeves available for the iPad 2 -- one comes with security features and a Square card reader holder built in for retail point-of-sale use.

TUAW will be reviewing the LaunchPort AP.3 Sleeve and mounts in the near future. In the meanwhile, check out the system and revel in the lack of cables.

LaunchPort announces inductive charging system for iPad