Sony unveils latest HX950 flagship HDTV in Japan with 'Intelligent Peak LED' backlighting

While Sony's current lineup of HDTVs has so far topped out with the HX929/920 series that's been kicking around since 2011, in Japan it has just unveiled a new top of the line model: the HX950. Often rumored in the last few months, it's available in 65- or 55-inch varieties and features Sony's now-trademark monolithic style as well as "Intelligent Peak LED" backlighting. Although Sony's brand name for the tech doesn't exactly reveal how it works, information leaks have suggested it is full array LED backlighting and not edge based, although we don't know how many zones (individually controlled light sources) are in play. What we do know, however is that it claims to outperform the LED backlighting in the old 929 quite handily, although we'll let our eyes be the judge of that.

It also includes MotionFlow XR960 (800 in the US) motion processing tech that can create 240fps from 60 frames and a glass panel mounted to the LCD itself with a special type of resin designed specifically to reduce glare. Finally, there's also the usual add-ins like 3D and Sony Entertainment Network streaming video. We haven't seen any European or US information for this model yet, although with IFA 2012 under way and CEDIA coming up that may change quickly. Currently pricing in Japan for the 65-inch is expected to be around 650,000 yen or $8,269 when it ships November 10th, but we should mention actual US prices are typically much lower than a direct conversion. Unofficially, one retailer is already listing the 55- and 65-inch models for sale in the US for $3,499 and $5,499, respectively, although we'd take that with a grain of salt until we know for sure.