Pioneer announces DDJ-WeGO two-channel DJ controller, provides entry-level jams

Pioneer announces DDJWeGO twochannel DJ controller, provides entrylevel jams

Remember that fancy-looking DDJ-AERO we saw from Pioneer recently? Well if that was a bit too "buttony," or perhaps just too expensive for your beginner DJ pockets, how about that which you see above? Announced today, this is the DDJ-WeGO an (or is that another) all-in-one DJ controller -- squarely aimed at the cheaper end of the market. With a suggested retail price of $399, it's Pioneer's cheapest controller to date, and comes bundled with Virtual DJ LE software. For your money, you get two platters and a mini-mixer, FX buttons, a choice of five colors (white, black, red, green or the pictured violet), as well as some built-in LED effects that help you learn to mix (the lights get brighter as the pitch of the two songs gets closer, etc.). On a more practical level, the unit is compact, USB-powered, and has a built-in audio-interface (no extra sound card required for headphone monitoring). You can get your spin on from next month, at the aforementioned quad-benjamin price-point, or tease yourself with the PR past the break.