Plantronics GameCom Commander headset hands-on

Serious PC gamers require serious gaming kit and here at IFA 2012, Plantronics is showcasing a product built precisely for that segment. Announced at Gamescom, the limited edition (not to be confused) GameCom Commander headset bakes Dolby 7.1 ProLogic sound and noise isolation tech into a ruggedized form factor -- so it'll survive your late night Max Payne-related tantrums. We tried the headset on for size and were delighted with just how light it actually is -- definitely a plus for marathon gaming sessions. As for that mic, it's placed a good distance from your mouth and, of course, adjusts to suit your needs. If you're looking for a wireless option, then this set's not for you, given it features breakaway wires, but it does feature an adapter to connect you with a mobile phone. All told, it's an understated set that might be worth your while. Take a look at our associated gallery below.%Gallery-163903%

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Bring Your A-Game With a Headset Designed and Built for Professional Gamers

Plantronics Limited Edition GameCom Commander Headset Lets Competitive PC Gamers Keep Their Heads in the Game

London, UK – 16th August 2012 – When the competition is fierce and the stakes go beyond bragging rights, gamers need every possible advantage to win. Where adrenaline is the common fuel and superb skills are the norm, the competitive edge for world-class gamers is focus. More than the opponents, distractions are the enemy to beat. The new limited edition Plantronics (NYSE: PLT) GameCom Commander™ headset lets competitive PC gamers hear and be heard no matter how harsh the playing field.

With exceptional noise isolation, the GameCom Commander distills the roar of the crowd into a silent current of energy so gamers can stay plugged in while distractions are tuned out. The extremely durable and comfortable headset boasts Plantronics' best audio and voice technologies that ensure gamers will hear every crucial command, signal, and strategy whether competing in front of thousands on the main stage or sharpening their skills at home between competitions. The GameCom Commander also features easily accessible controls, breakaway cords and includes a custom built durable carrying case for convenient storage and transport.

"Professional gamers have unique needs, the performance of their equipment is as important as the skills they possess. The GameCom Commander headset is one of the most important weapons in the gamer's arsenal, engineered in the long-standing tradition of Plantronics headsets for astronauts, pilots, emergency workers, and others on the frontline," said Stuart Bradshaw, EMEA consumer marketing manager at Plantronics. "We are thrilled that the GameCom Commander has been chosen by the ESWC (Electronic Sports World Cup) as their official headset and will be used by global professional gamers during the finals in October."

The GameCom Commander features:

Unparalleled noise isolation technology
Dolby® Pro Logic® IIx and Dolby Headphone technologies for a realistic 7.1 experience
Superior professional grade fit and comfort with over-the-head ruggedized design
Quick connect controls to PC, mobile or tablet with breakaway cords
Numbered Limited Edition
Case for tournament travel and storage
Adhesive headband strip for branding and personalization
Pricing and Availability

The GameCom Commander priced at £249/€299 MSRP and available from September at select online stores.

Mat Smith contributed to this report.