Sony HMZ-T2 3D display, heads-in

Sony didn't exactly go out of its way to talk up the new HMZ-T2 during its press conference the other day at IFA, never actually mentioning it on stage. The device did, however, pop up in a small corner of the company's show booth. The reason for the silence is pretty clear, when you get down to it — not a lot has changed here. Really, the T2 is just a minor update to a first generation product, most of its changes revolving around making the admittedly slightly uncomfortable wearable a bit easier on your head. It's 100 grams lighter than its predecessor and features improvements to its adjustable parts.

The head pad is larger and can be moved to better fit your head, the strap can be adjusted at a number of points and the sliders beneath the 0.7-inch OLED monitors can be adjusted independently from one another. Oh, and while there are Virtualphone built-in, there's also a headphone jack, so you can bring your own pair. All in all, we have to say it did feel a bit more comfortable than the set we tried on for the first time roughly this time last year. The headset also features different viewing modes, including 24p True Cinema for slower paced movies and Clear mode for action scenes, as well as Auto Color Temperature to help improve the picture.

All told, however, it's not much to write home about — if you were thinking of picking up the T1, this guy is certainly an improvement. If you've already got one to call your own, however, it's probably not worth the upgrade when it hits later this year.

Joseph Volpe contributed to this report.