Toshiba 84-inch 4K Quad Full HD TV hands-on (video)

84 seems to be the magic number at IFA. 84 inches, that is, when it comes to 4K TVs. Sony announced its jumbo 4K set at yesterday's press conference, and now Toshiba has returned with a matching high-res model of its own. The Toshiba set has a slightly sleeker housing, aided by the fact that it didn't have side-mounted speakers as with Sony's flavor -- though, if you're able to afford a (yet-unpriced) TV of this caliber, a premium surround-sound rig better be on the agenda as well. The picture quality, as you might expect, was fantastic. You'll see individual pixels once you're within a few feet of the display, but given its 84-inch footprint, you're going to want to position yourself quite a distance from the panel in order to take it all in.

Toshiba had three sets on display, running through loops of game play, cityscapes and some decked-out human models. The ambient setting was favorably configured, and with ideal content colors were vibrant and the picture was incredibly bright and sharp during our demo, even when viewed from a slight angle. There was a hint of reflection, but only when a dark image popped into frame, despite a multitude of visual noise in the area. You'll need to see Toshiba's 84-inch, 3,840 x 2,160-pixel TV in person to get the full effect (perhaps after it launches early next year), though you can take a (low-res) peek in our gallery below and the video after the break. You can also get a feel for the size -- keep an eye out for the Galaxy Note in the bottom left corner in the shot above.%Gallery-163824%