Toshiba launches Canvio Personal Cloud, network-attached storage with iOS and Android apps

It's been a few years now that Toshiba's been making portable hard drives, so it makes sense that the company would want to venture into larger disks as a next step. Indeed, the company just took the wraps off Canvio Personal Cloud, its first network-attached storage product. The drive itself will be offered in two flavors -- 2TB and 3TB -- but the hook, of course, is that you can use various apps to upload your files and then access them remotely. These applications include desktop software, as well as mobile apps for iOS and Android. In either case, the applications are designed to upload music, video, photos and documents, and all of this content is searchable by date and other filters. The drive will be available sometime next month, starting at $220 for the 2TB version and going up to $250 for 3TB. If you're curious, we've got hands-on photos of the UI past the break.%Gallery-163732%%Gallery-163566%%Gallery-163567%