Samsung's dual-display Windows 8 laptop and other prototypes, hands-on

See that? It's not your daddy's flip hybrid tablet -- it's the new dual-display laptop prototype from the fine people at Samsung (who may or may not be inspired by the ASUS TAICHI from three months earlier). The body of the notebook is certainly in the vein of a MacBook Air or ultrabook, with slim metal slides that taper off into a point. The palm rests, meanwhile, are a brushed metal, with black chiclet-style keys above. On the bezel above the screen is a camera.

The magic, however, doesn't happen until you close the thing, turning on a display on the hood. Yep, it's yet another attempt to capitalize on Windows 8's dual-nature. Inside, you've got a fully functioning laptop and outside you've a touchscreen tablet that, yes, utilizes everyone's favorite proprietary stylus, the S-pen, and there's also a rear facing camera on the outside. Perhaps it's all that functionality packed inside, but this prototype is certainly heavier than your standard ultrabook, and unlike most systems, a lot of that weight is located in the display -- we're sure there's a fair amount of internals located up there.

This being a prototype, the Samsung rep we spoke with had no clue on what such a device might cost or when it might come to market -- or even if this thing will ever see the light of day, so don't get your dual-hopes up just yet. The hybrid was sitting right next to the 2,560 x 1,440 Series 9 prototype we recently scoped out and in front of a wall of concepts that explore the brave new world of elastic form factors to their fullest. Check out a video and some notes on the other devices after the jump.%Gallery-164066%

  • Slide: A sliding hinge here that adds the benefit of adjusting the angle of your display.

  • Binder: This one screams "typewriter," with a sliding mechanism for "various usage."

  • Memo PC: Yet another destination for the S-Pen, here's a small slate form factor.

  • Swivel Design: A thin and rugged Windows 8 laptop with a large swiveling metal hinge

Sharif Sakr contributed to this report.