S Cloud spotted on Galaxy Note II, reveals Dropbox integration (video)

We're still recovering from the onslaught of goodies shown off at IFA 2012, but there's one thing we didn't notice while perusing Samsung's gadgetry. The team at German site BestBoyZ discovered S Cloud in the settings menu of the Note II, which included the option to sync user data with Dropbox. Apparently, Samsung reps didn't have much to say on the matter, and BestBoyZ believe that's because it's not quite working yet (we're willing to agree, given the various delays). It's looking like the feature might be ready in time for the Note II's launch, which ties in nicely with the 50GB of free Dropbox storage you'll snag if you pick one up. Owners of other Samsung gear needn't be disappointed though, as it's suggested that S Cloud integration will be part of the Jelly Bean upgrades expected soon. We've embedded the reveal vid below, and don't worry if you can't speak German -- you'll still get the gist.