Deutsche Telekom begins distributing nano-SIM cards to partners in advance of rumored iPhone launch

Deutsch Telekom begins distributing nanoSIM cards to partners in advance of rumored iPhone launch

After a protracted battle between Apple, Nokia, RIM and Motorola Mobility earlier this year about the design of a new nano-SIM (subscriber identity module), Apple was the victor and is widely expected to use the new design in the next-generation iPhone. German website is reporting that carrier Deutsche Telekom has begun distribution of nano-SIMs to partners in anticipation of the launch of a new iPhone.

A translation of the letter accompanying the new cards notes that they are "a new generation of SIM cards for the latest generation of smartphones that come in the near future on the market."

While that machine translation is fairly vague, many industry pundits expect the next-generation iPhone to use the new nano-SIM -- and the first appearance of these new SIMs in Germany is a little over a week in advance of the September 12 Apple event where the new phone may be announced.

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