Intel finishes crossing the Ivy Bridge with new desktop Core i3 models

Intel has been staggering the rollout of its Ivy Bridge processors over the space of nearly half a year, starting with its higher-end quad-core chips; it's finally time for the company to complete the story and ship some budget Core i3 desktop parts. The semiconductor giant is coy about the new roster at this stage, but it does promise both regular (s-series) and low-power (t-series) Core i3 chips at clock speeds between 2.8GHz and 3.4GHz. If the past is an indicator, the new components will be mostly or exclusively dual-core and lack extras like Hyperthreading -- they will get Intel's newer integrated graphics and other perks through the upgrade, however. Bulk pricing and other details haven't yet been aggregated in one place, although we're seeing that even the faster 3.3GHz Core i3-3220 is selling at retail for $130. We wouldn't expect anything from Intel's new offerings to break the bank.