Mosoro releases its Bluetooth LE sensors and SDK for VIP appcessory developers

Since we last heard about Mosoro's Lego-brick sized Bluetooth LE modules, they've changed their names, picked up another member and are now making their way to iOS app developers. The 3D-Motion's got an accelerometer, gyroscope and magnetometer, while the Enviro measures temperature, humidity and barometric pressure. New to the team is Proximity, useful for triggering location-based apps and tracking motion for creating alerts. All three rechargeable Bluetooth low energy sensors have "shake-to-wake" support, an RGB "glow-cap" for notifications and a humble programmable button. They are expected to hit retail in fall 2012, but "VIP" app developers can grab them now, as well as the SDK which simplifies iOS Bluetooth integration. Got the ideas and inclination to become one of Mosoro's "rock star app-developer partners?" Then go sign up on the website and see if you make the VIP grade.

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Mosoro™ Announces 3D-Motion, Enviro, And Proximity Bluetooth™ LE Accessories for iOS

New Mosoro™ 3D-Motion, Enviro, and Proximity Bluetooth™ Low Energy (aka Bluetooth Smart™, Bluetooth™ 4.0 or BTLE) sensors available for iOS app-developer integration and retail pre-order.

Golden, CO (PRWEB) September 4, 2012
(, a company that creates Bluetooth™ LE (aka Bluetooth Smart™, Bluetooth™ 4.0 or BTLE) accessory solutions for smartphones, today announced the company's first three internally designed Bluetooth LE hardware accessories for iOS. All three new Mosoro products measure 38mm x 18.5mm x 12.5mm (~5% larger than a traditional LEGO™" brick), are powered by a micro USB rechargeable lithium polymer battery with "shake-to-wake" power support, feature a programmable snap-action button, and an RGB "glow-cap" for infinite color notifications.

Mosoro's Bluetooth LE products leverage the powerful Mosoro SDK, which opens the floodgates to the hundreds of thousands of iOS app-developers to easily create Bluetooth LE app-enabled accessory solutions. All Mosoro Bluetooth LE products are open, allowing any app-developer to integrate one or more products into their app. Mosoro's open hardware design provides consumers with real cost savings by allowing them to use multiple apps with a single app-enabled accessory. For example, the company's 3D-Motion product can be used on a skateboard with one app, removed and attached to a golf club for use with a different app. Mosoro is currently working with a variety of well known brands to create smartphone apps that connect seamlessly to the company's first three products.

"We are very excited to have some of the first Bluetooth LE consumer sensor products for iOS ready to go to market," says Founder/SVP of Hardware Chris Stemple. "We are already working with some outstanding app-developers and they are creating some killer apps."

Mosoro 3D-Motion - a miniature motion capture Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU) that contains an accelerometer, gyroscope, magnetometer, and Bluetooth LE wireless connectivity. 3D-Motion attaches to a physical object and over Bluetooth LE, connects to a smartphone app, that records how the object moves in 3 dimensions during use. Example uses range from simple motion or vibration monitoring (game controller or fitness monitor) to more complex motion recording capabilities (tennis, golf or bat swing). The sensor data can then be displayed numerically (amount of airtime while snowboarding), graphically (chart of how active your dog is) or rendered as a 3D model (accurately replay of a skateboard trick). Another use of 3D-Motion that current Mosoro app–developer partners are implementing is as an iPhone/ iPad game controller that leverages the precise detection of the controllers movement and snap-action button, extending the control of apps beyond the smartphone.

Mosoro Enviro - a miniature environmental capture device that allows a user to see their actual local weather displayed on their smartphone. The Enviro hardware measures temperature, humidity, and barometric pressure and sends this data to the smartphone over Bluetooth LE. The Enviro data can then be combined with the GPS position of the smartphone and stored on the soon to be launched Mosoro Cloud - creating the first solution of it's kind for crowd-sourced weather.

Mosoro Proximity - a miniature proximity and motion detection device which can be attached to physical objects or used as a stand alone proximity "trigger" for smartphone apps. Current app-developers are utilizing the Proximity hardware for motion alert apps such as when an object (like a laptop bag) is physically jostled or becomes separated from the smartphone by a user selectable distance. Additional implementations utilize the Proximity hardware as a "triggering" mechanism for location aware apps. For example, the Proximity hardware is slatted to be deployed next to exhibits at museums allowing the museums smartphone app to detect which Proximity hardware the customer is nearest to and displaying relevant contextual information. As the customer walks through the museum, different content is automatically displayed without the user having to scan a QR code or tap a NFC chip.

"We set out to redefine how Bluetooth LE hardware and corresponding smartphone apps would be created and sold to consumers," says Founder/CEO Mike Stemple. "Through our best in class Bluetooth LE hardware, which connect to smartphone apps leveraging our SDK, we provide app-developers, retailers, and consumers an incredible and first of it's kind solution."

Mosoro 3D-Motion, Enviro and Proximity Bluetooth LE sensor developer kits are currently available to select app-developers. To register as a developer, please visit the "Developer" section of

Retail availability for Mosoro 3D-Motion, Enviro and Proximity Bluetooth LE sensors is scheduled for fall of 2012.

More information about Mosoro products can be found under the "Products" section of

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Mosoro™ Announces VIP Availability of The Mosoro Bluetooth™ LE SDK for iOS

New smartphone SDK removes the barrier to Bluetooth™ LE (aka Bluetooth Smart™, Bluetooth™ 4.0 or BTLE) hardware-to-app integration by eliminating the need for app developers to understand the iOS CoreBluetooth API, thus reducing the development effort from weeks to hours. Additionally, Mosoro is announcing a complete mCommerce infrastructure SDK-module for developers to sell Bluetooth™ LE accessories directly to their customer's through an in-app mCommerce store.

Golden, CO (PRWEB) September 4, 2012
(, a company that creates Bluetooth™ LE (aka Bluetooth Smart™, Bluetooth™ 4.0 or BTLE) accessory solutions for smartphones, today announced VIP availability of their SDK for iOS app-developers. This powerful SDK enables app-developers the simplest way to integrate the broadest range of Bluetooth LE hardware into their smartphone apps. The Mosoro SDK opens the floodgates to the hundreds of thousands of iOS app-developers to easily create Bluetooth LE app-enabled accessory solutions for games and apps, by condensing the need for a thousand lines using CoreBluetooth to a few from the Mosoro SDK.

Highlights of the Mosoro SDK include:

  • Bluetooth LE stack knowledge needed

  • Hardware discovery and connection management

  • "Shake-to-Wake" hardware support

  • Drag-n-Drop library for existing app integration

  • Extensible data filter architecture (high-pass filter, low-pass filter, Kalman filter, etc...)

  • Native Xcode 4 support

  • Reduces integration time from weeks to hours

  • In-app mCommerce hardware purchase module

  • Forthcoming Mosoro Cloud functionality

In addition, Mosoro is launching an easy to implement mCommerce Module for their SDK that enables app-developers the ability to sell relevant Bluetooth LE hardware and accessories directly to their customers from inside an app (in-app), bypassing traditional retail channels.

"The Mosoro SDK is an amazing tool that takes the complexity of integrating Bluetooth LE hardware and makes it super simple," says Founder/SVP Software & Mobile, Wes Felteau. "What's really cool is that through our included mCommerce module, we help app-developers become retailers while also creating new ways to actively engage their customers within an app."

As part of the overall Mosoro Developer Program, Mosoro works with app-developers to market their Bluetooth LE supported smartphone apps into the company's retail, carrier, handset, and brand partners.

"We are excited to expose our rock star app-developer partners to our line of BTLE hardware and see what amazing solutions they create with our SDK," says Founder/CEO Mike Stemple. "Our app-developer, carrier, retail, and handset partners will soon have a large selection of new app-solutions that will create a tremendous velocity of hardware sales. "

Mosoro is making their SDK available to select app-developers in a phased rollout. For more information or to sign-up as an app-developer visit the "Developer" section of