PSA: T-Mobile's we-really-mean-it unlimited data plans go live

PSA TMobile's wereallymeanit unlimited data plans go live today

T-Mobile confirmed rumors of true unlimited data plans almost as soon as they emerged, which left a surprisingly long gap between the announcement and real availability. Consider that gap closed -- as promised, the Unlimited Nationwide 4G Data plans are ready for action. Those who don't need hotspot support on a smartphone can add $20 to a Value voice plan or $30 on a Classic plan to get throttle-free, uncapped data. For real. While we'd ideally see a best-of-both-worlds scenario with hotspots and unfettered speeds together in one plan, it's hard to object to a second major US carrier defending unlimited data in an era where we're regularly getting less for the money. Can we have a few more providers onboard, please?