SanDisk announces 32GB ReadyCache for Windows: $55 at Amazon, keep your existing HDD

SanDisk has built itself a decent reputation in the SSD game, and a cheap cache-only drive is a logical addition to its line. Unlike regular SSD or hybrid upgrades, you don't have to transfer your system to the new drive -- the 2.5-inch, 32GB add-on simply hooks up to a spare SATA III port alongside your spinning storage and then you run SanDisk's ExpressCache software to do the rest. The program, which is currently Windows 7-only, monitors which files you access most frequently and then automatically caches them on the SSD, promising up to 12x faster application launches and also faster boot times compared to your HDD working on its lonesome. Importantly, the ReadyCache works with multiple hard drives too, rather than just boosting your primary drive -- a feature that SanDisk claims gives it a one-up over most other caching solutions. The list price is $100 but Amazon has it up right now for $55.

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SanDisk ReadyCache Solution Lets Consumers Improve Their Computer's Boot and Application Launch Times While Utilising Existing Hard Drive's Storage

MILPITAS, Calif., September 4, 2012-SanDisk Corporation (NASDAQ: SNDK), a global leader in flash memory storage solutions, today announced an affordable, easy-to-install SSD caching solution that lets consumers significantly improve their desktop computer's performance. The SanDisk ReadyCache™solution can boost a desktop computer's boot, shutdown and application launch times, allowing consumers to enjoy a more responsive computing experience, while utilising their existing hard drive's storage.

Easy Upgrade Breathes New Life Into Desktop Computers
The SanDisk ReadyCache product is a performance enhancing caching solution that combines a 32 gigabyte (GB)1 2.5-inch SSD that resides alongside a desktop computer's hard drive with ExpressCache™ software by Condusiv™ Technologies. The software, sold exclusively by SanDisk, is easily downloaded from the SanDisk website and can be installed on any desktop PC running Windows® 7 operating system. After installing the SSD and software, the SanDisk ReadyCache solution's advanced caching algorithms automatically manage data by caching frequently used files to improve overall performance2.

· Faster Boot Times: The SanDisk ReadyCache hardware and software solution enables up to four times faster boot performance than a standalone hard drive, letting consumers boot their computer quickly and shut down the system in moments

· Faster Application Launches: The caching solution launches applications up to 12 times faster3, which is especially useful during gaming, business and multimedia applications

· Supports Multiple Hard Drives: Unlike most SSD caching solutions, the SanDisk ReadyCache solution can pull data from multiple hard drives, enabling a consistent performance improvement when utilising more than one hard drive

· Supports High-Capacity Hard Drives: The solution supports hard drives with any amount of capacity so users can enjoy maximum storage space

· Data Coherency: All data that resides in the cache also resides on the primary storage, which helps prevent data loss if the caching solution is later uninstalled

· Seamless Multitasking: The caching solution enables consumers to smoothly run simultaneous applications, ideal when multitasking

· Fast Installation: With the SanDisk ReadyCache solution, consumers don't need to replace their existing hard drive, clone their operating system, perform lengthy installs or migrate data. The product comes with an installation kit that includes a SATA 6Gb/s cable, a 3.5-inch mounting bracket and screws; and the software is simple to download and install

· Affordability: The caching solution allows consumers to enjoy the fast performance of a new computer without paying for an entire system

"The SanDisk ReadyCache is an easy, affordable way to turbocharge a desktop computer," said Kent Perry, director, product marketing, SanDisk. "Our new SSD caching solution lets consumers enjoy the performance benefits of frequently used data coming from an SSD while retaining the storage capacity of their hard drive. It is an ideal combination of the benefits of an SSD and hard drive."

Availability and Pricing
The SanDisk ReadyCache solution is available now at and carries a three-year warranty and an MSRP of £39.99 (inc VAT).

SanDisk Solid State Drives
SanDisk offers a full portfolio of SSD products for the retail, OEM and enterprise channels.

In the retail channel, along with the SanDisk ReadyCache solution, SanDisk offers the SanDisk Extreme® SSD, which features maximum performance for gamers and other heavy computer users.

OEM products include the U100 SSD for cost-effective performance and customisable form factors, the X100 SSD featuring the utmost in performance and storage capacity for desktop and notebook PC manufacturers, and theSanDisk iSSD™ integrated storage device for an embedded SSD SATA form factor. All models are available as standalone SSDs or dual drive caching solutions.

For the enterprise channel, Lightning® SSDs provide the industry's widest array of flexible cloud and data center system design solutions. The drives deliver dramatic I/O performance, predictable performance and reliability4.