Windows Phone 8 introduces new Lens apps: Bing Vision, Photosynth and CNN iReport launching from the camera button

The first new Windows Phone 8 feature to appear alongside Nokia's Lumia 920 launch is the camera-augmenting Lens apps. Offering both in-house and third-party programs, (and no more zoom bar -- pinch-to-zoom!), these will all launch immediately from the camera button. On stage, Joe Belfiore detailed a handful of the apps, encompassing Bing Vision (camera-based search), Photosynth, Blink, FXSuite, PhotoStrip and CNN iReport. FXSuite offers up a preview of your viewfinder in all your favorite token visual effects, which can capture an image, and then send you back to the single Lens app, or back to the Lens menu. As to be expected, all your photographic skills can be instantly transferred across to your SkyDrive-powered cloud camera roll -- something that could be especially useful with the Blink app, which captures a burst of photos in one touch. %Gallery-164370%