LaCie 2big, 4big Quadra drives hop the USB 3.0 bandwagon, give Macs 12TB of speedy storage

LaCie has been sprucing up its smaller drives to handle a new crop of Macs that support USB 3.0. It's now turn for the big boys to play. Updated versions of the 2big Quadra and 4big Quadra (not yet shown here) use the faster port to reach the potential of their high-capacity RAID arrays, peaking at either 210MB/s for the dual-drive 2big and 245MB/s for its quad-drive cousin. We're not seeing a fundamental shakeup of the design apart from the higher speeds, although that's not necessarily a problem given the FireWire 800 to catch legacy users and hot-swappable bays for future upgrades. Video editors and other storage mavens should just prepare themselves to pony up. The upgraded Quadra models will start at respective $499 (4TB) and $1,099 (8TB) prices when they ship in October, and they're only poised to get more expensive when LaCie sets the costs for the higher-end 6TB and 12TB models.

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LaCie Boosts 2big and 4big Quadra with USB 3.0 Speeds

September 6, 2012

Today LaCie announced that its professional 2big and 4big Quadra multi-bay RAID solutions, designed by Neil Poulton, now feature USB 3.0 technology. LaCie completely re-engineered these external storage solutions for optimized performance with new Mac computers. Thanks to UAS (USB-Attached SCSI Protocol) compatibility and 7200rpm hard drives, these products reach speeds up to 210MB/s and 245MB/s respectively. With these speeds the user can transfer 10GB of data in less than one minute.

The LaCie 2big Quadra USB 3.0 and LaCie 4big Quadra USB 3.0 are ideal storage solutions for intensive content creation, secure backup, or massive desktop storage. With speeds twice as fast as Firewire 800 these products help professionals get their work done faster. Video editors can play back multiple HD video streams at the same time with Final Cut Pro X™ or Premiere®. Additionally, photographers can browse large photo libraries and edit in Apeture® or Lightroom® 4 without delay.

The LaCie 2big and 4big Quadra offer seamless cross-platform compatibility in any work environment. With USB 3.0 these products are a great companion for a new MacBook Pro®, MacBook Air® or PC. Backwards compatibility with USB 2.0 means the user can connect the product to any standard computer. Plus, two FireWire 800 connections let the user daisy chain other external storage or A/V peripherals.

Since effective cooling is a critical factor in hard disk reliability these products feature state of the art cooling systems. The LaCie 2big Quadra's custom designed cooling system includes an innovative heat-dissipating aluminum casing, a completely redesigned fan, and jumbo heat exhausts. The LaCie 4big Quadra incorporates the ultra-reliable Noctua cooling system that offers superior pressure and airflow performance. Additionally, these products are specifically engineered to be ultra-quiet, which make them ideal for even the most noise-sensitive working environments.

Fast mode: RAID 0
Safe mode: RAID 1 (LaCie 2big Quadra only), RAID 5 (LaCie 4big Quadra only)
Hot swappable drives
Eco mode
Kensington lock compatible

The LaCie 2big and 4big Quadra are protected by a three-year limited warranty. It includes comprehensive, complimentary web-based resources, expert in-house technical support, and worldwide repair/replacement coverage. Warranty extensions and Advance Care Option can also be purchased. For details, visit

The LaCie 2big Quadra is available in 4TB or 6TB capacities starting at $499.00. The LaCie 4big Quadra is available in 8TB or 12TB capacities starting at $1,099.00. These products can be purchased in October 2012 at the LaCie Online Store and LaCie Storage Partners. For more product information, visit