Enterprise-D restoration fundraiser goes live: your chance to revive a slice of Star Trek is here

For sci-fi lovers, it's on. A fan-devised project to restore the Enterprise-D bridge from Star Trek: The Experience is now actively raising cash on Indiegogo with a newly estimated $240,000 target needed to make the dream real. Crowdfunding brings the obligatory perks for larger donations, although they take on a progressively nerdy bent once you get past the t-shirts. It peaks at getting replicas of Captain Kirk's original chair or an LCARS terminal, and you can even get a romantic evening on the deck with "complete privacy until the next morning" -- wink, wink. Outlandish? Maybe, but the project is getting official sponsors and has a shorter-term plan to get Captain Picard's chair ready for display by October. The whole bridge should be ready by late 2013. If you'd wished Paramount had preserved this piece of The Next Generation history for the ages, you now have your solution.