T-Mobile coaxing unlocked iPhone users to its network with Value Plan push, aggressive in-store service

If, like T-Mobile, you're one of the few major US networks that doesn't carry the iPhone, there's a few stages you have to go through. First comes the heavy-handed hints, then you pull a racy leather number from the wardrobe before declaring that you're fine without it and never wanted the thing anyway. Now it's hit stage four -- throwing caution to the wind and inviting users to bring their unlocked handset into stores and sign up for its $70-a-month (amongst others) unlimited plan anyway. From September 12th, iPhone 4S display units will be rolled out in stores, with helpful sales staff around to swap out your AT&T microSIM for one of its own. You'll also be able to get hold of network-specific apps like myAccount, Visual Voicemail and T-Mobile TV as soon as they're ready. In order to make this marvel possible, it's rolling out 1900MHz HSPA+ access to allow customers access to its "faux-G" service -- which is one way of enticing you away from upgrading to whatever's coming on Wednesday.