3G Vita headed to Canada via Rogers on Oct. 2, Canadian gamers remain non-plussed

Despite having launched elsewhere in the world already, Sony's 3G PlayStation Vita is heading north to Canada with help from Rogers Communications this October. Beyond the usual features of the Vita, the 3G model offers access to various social networks while on-the-go, as well as a handful of games that support asynchronous multiplayer via 3G. Mostly, though, it just offers a $50 bump to the usual Vita price of $250 (at least in the US). In Canada, however, the 3G version is getting bundled with Gravity Rush and Unit 13, and the whole shebang is launching on October 2 for $299.99. It's unclear how much the unit will cost as a standalone (or if it's even being offered that way), but we've asked Sony Canada for more info. 3G plans with Rogers run $15 and $30 for 30-day packages bundling 250MB or 5GB data streams, respectively.

Update: PlayStation's Canadian reps tell us the standalone unit will also cost $299, and the bundle is only being offered for an unspecified limited time. So get it while you can!