Nokia reveals new City Lens augmented reality app for Windows Phone 8 lineup

Just last week, Nokia's augmented reality app known as City Lens broke free of its beta shackles, but its developers are hardly sitting on their laurels as they help prepare the company's Windows Phone 8 handsets for store shelves. New to the Lumia 920 and Lumia 820, Nokia has announced a refined version of City Lens replete with 3D icons and the ability to disable suggestions that aren't within the line of sight. Also on deck, users will be able to query their surroundings more quickly by pinning categories to the home screen and storing favorite searches. As one final addition, Nokia will be introducing the ability to use City Lens in both portrait and landscape orientation. Unfortunately, the company hasn't committed to these new features for the Windows Phone 7.5 version of its app. For a quick peek of what's next, just hop the break for a video teaser from Nokia.