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Hasselblad H5D coming December with new focus system, design, up to 60 megapixels

Medium format camera fans, brace for impact: there's a new Hasselblad coming. The H5D supercedes the ages-old H4D with a True Focus II system that -- we're told -- is both more accurate and immediately confirms its lock. Hasselblad has also reworked the body for a more rough-and-ready feel, giving the H5D bigger controls, an extra-bright viewfinder and better weatherproofing. A new RAW + JPEG capture mode, improved wide-angle-to-macro lens conversion and a fresh 24mm f/4.8 lens have also been added to tempt studio photographers. If all this sounds alluring, H5Ds will be available in 40-, 50- and 60-megapixel versions (plus 50- and 200-megapixel Multi-Shot variants) this December. We likely won't know the effect on our bank accounts until at least a September 18th media event, but we wouldn't assume any kind of populist pricing -- Hasselblad's tendency towards five-digit figures may limit any first-hand exposure to a rental.