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7th-generation iPod nano hands-on!

Not to be outdone by a refreshed iPod touch (and, let's face it, a new iPhone), Apple also shot out a 5.4mm-thick iPod nano today -- that's 38 percent thinner than the one it replaces. We just got our hands on the newest, tiniest music player outside of Apple's product launch today, replete with a 2.5-inch multitouch panel and a familiar Home button. As you'd expect, the enlarged display is hugely beneficial. While there's no bona fide version of iOS on here, the stripped-down variant seems sufficient for handling media alone. As if the ability to watch widescreen video wasn't enough, fitness gurus are also apt to take notice -- inbuilt support for Nike+ gear, along with Bluetooth, make this one potent device.

The Lightning connector seems to make a lot of sense here, given the dearth of real estate along the bottom, but somehow the company squeezed a big enough battery in here to net some 30 reported hours of battery life. In playing with it, we found screen transitions to be adequately smooth, and video playback was surprisingly enjoyable to watch. The screen is most definitely less stunning than the one on the iPod touch, but at $149, you can bet quite a bit of these end up in stockings this holiday season. %Gallery-165135%

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Update: It's show time! Check out our hands-on video just above.

Zach Honig contributed to this report.