Ergo Electronics outs trio of budget-friendly GoTab GTi slates in the UK

It would appear that a handful of tablet manufacturers want to take a piece of Apple's marketshare pie by tempting consumers with low-priced slabs. And, well, such is the case with small UK company Ergo Electronics. The Euro outfit recently introduced a trifecta of relatively economical GoTab GTi tablets; two of which come pre-loaded with Ice Cream Sandwich and one with Google's 4.1 treat. For starters, the top-of-the-line, Jelly Bean-loaded GTi97 boasts a 9.7-inch, IPS display alongside a dual-core, 1.6GHz RK3066 CPU and 1GB of RAM. Meanwhile, the GTi8 (8-inch) and GTi7 (7-inch) are both designed to be "super portable and lightweight," though the GTi8 packs a heavier punch thanks to a "high resolution" 160 ppi screen, same amount of RAM as its GTi97 cousin and a single-core, 1.2GHz CPU. Ergo Electronics is pricing these starting at £79 (around $128), with availability expected to be later this holiday season across the United Kingdom.

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Stunning new GoTab GTi range launched by UK company, 8" GTi8 Tablet to hit the spotlight for Christmas.

Today in Birmingham, England, the new GoTab GTi Range is unveiled by UK Company Ergo Electronics. The range of tablets runs the hugely popular Android operating system and gives users access to high speed Wi-Fi internet, social networking, streaming and over 400,000 Play Store Apps. The GTi range has been designed to be affordable yet fashionable with the tablets being available with a stylish 'white' capacitive touchpanel.

GTi97 - The 9.7" Tablet has a high-resolution IPS display with a capacitive multi-touch panel, perfect for surfing the web or using apps. The dual core RK3066 processor and 1GB RAM means multitasking is seamless and the 2 x 1.6GHz CPU's handle 3D games and 1080p movies with ease. The GTi97 has exceptional connectivity with Wi-Fi N, HDMI output, Micro SD Card slot and a micro USB port so it can easily fit with your digital home- SRP £179

GTi8 - The 8" tablet has a super high resolution (160PPI) screen giving users a crystal clear display, in a compact tablet they can take everywhere they go. The 1.2GHz processor, 1GB RAM and Wi-Fi N let users multitask quickly whether they want to surf the web, email, stream or use apps. The front 2MP camera is perfect for video conferencing or self portraits and the rear 2MP camera can take photos, videos or panoramic pictures. The high spec GTi8 tablet is the perfect blend of features, size, style and for an incredible SRP of only £129

GTi7 - The smallest tablet in the range is the 7" widescreen GTi7. Designed to be super portable and lightweight, the GTi7 will fit in a jacket pocket or handbag letting users quickly jump on Wi-Fi to check their social networking, read a book, play music or to enjoy their favourite Android Apps. SRP- £79

Sam Goult, Design Director at Ergo comments, "This is the next evolution of our GoTab range designed to have something for everyone. From the dual core GoTab GTi97 which is a big-screen powerhouse ideal for gaming and Android Apps, to the GTi7 which is lightweight and compact so you can take it everywhere you go. The range's centrepiece is the stunning GTi8 which has an amazingly sharp high-resolution screen (1024 x 768), so users get a big screen experience from something that that's really portable.

The GTi range will offer our customers a new way to experience a tablet whether they enjoy surfing, socialising, working or gaming; theres something for everything, and something for everyone. We are anticipating the GTi range to be a huge hit this Christmas, with the breakthrough pricing helping families keep on top of their budgets in the current economic climate. We are also expecting the GTi range to appeal to female gadget fans more than ever due to the stunning slim designs, fashionable white touchscreens and the handy "handbag sized" form factor.