Motorola XT890 approved by FCC, may be next week's 2GHz Intel phone

As one major event wraps, we look forward to what's coming up next: Motorola's Intel announcement. We have a hard time believing we'd see anything besides a smartphone with an Intel chip inside, but the biggest mystery is in what type of phone. Are we going to see something ho-hum, or mind-blowingly awesome? Whatever it is, we think we may have stumbled upon a clue. Motorola's XT890, which has been rumored to be a global RAZR M with a 2GHz CPU and 897 x 540 screen resolution, just wandered through the FCC with AT&T-friendly 2G and 3G radios. There's no hint of LTE here, though the FCC doesn't require OEMs to mention non-US frequencies. The docs, however, indicate that we can expect dual-band WiFi -- no word on NFC, but we'd be very surprised if it didn't make the final cut. The supercharged processor seems almost too good to be true, but we wouldn't offer up any complaints if there is any truth to the idea.