Nintendo unveils 'Nintendo TVii' for Wii U (video)

Nintendo showed off some of the Wii U's new television functionality during its New York City press event -- first unveiled during E3 2012 -- including DVR and TiVO, and search across several content providers (Netflix, Hulu Plus, Amazon Instant, and cable television, to name a few). It's unclear whether the DVR functionality is built into the console or not, but we'll be sure to find out as soon as possible*. Nintendo's director of strategic partnership Zach Fountain's calling the service a "personalized program guide" and he showed off how you'll be able to interact with content -- movies and television shows can be searched via text entry, or explored in a general category sense (movies, tv, sports, etc.). If QWERTY text isn't your kind of thing, a rotary entry in the lower right corner offers another way to seek out content.

The service is only for US and Canadian Wii U owners for now, but Fils-Aime said the company's exploring an expansion into other parts of the Americas. Nintendo TVii is free with the purchase of a console this November. Click on past the break for the company's brief video demo.

Update*: DVR/TiVO functionality is not built into the hardware, we confirmed.%Gallery-165230%

Joseph Volpe contributed to this report.