Nintendo Wii U gamepad not for sale separately in US until games support multiple controllers

Nintendo's Wii U gamepad may be the star of the Wii U show, but it won't be available as a standalone at launch. It will, however, be available when games that function with more than one WiiPad become available, according to Nintendo America CEO and prez Reggie Fils-Aime. "Through the launch window, there are no games that leverage a second controller. And so, during the launch window here in NOA [Nintendo of America] territories, we will not be selling at retail a second gamepad," he told investors during a Q&A this afternoon. "But certainly, when the games come out, we'll be making that accessory available," he added. As for when games will take advantage of a second WiiPad is another question altogether, and one that Nintendo isn't willing to answer just yet.

Initially, the Wii U only supported one WiiPad per game, with additional control handled via the Pro controller or Wii remotes. Nintendo changed its tune, though, following public outcry for multiple WiiPad support.