Amazon starts selling Sony's Cyber-shot RX1, NEX-6 and Alpha A99

If you were interested in any of Sony's most recent camera revelations, it is now time to ready up that wallet of yours because Amazon's set to start taking orders pretty shortly. At this very moment, the trio's listed as "temporarily out of stock," but this is presumably due to the retailer being in the middle of stocking shelves with the latest and greatest shooters from the Japanese electronics outfit. Still, you can take your pick between that flagship Alpha A99, the mirrorless NEX-6 or the full-frame Cyber-shot RX1 and order one now, though they're not due to ship until October, November and December, respectively. As expected, both the A99 and RX1 are priced at around $2,800, while the NEX-6 carries a smaller $848 tag -- this, of course, being for the body-only flavors. All the links you need are down below, so make sure to bookmark 'em if you're interested in making one of these your own.