Distro Issue 57: Kindle Fire HD, iPhone 5 and Innovation Lab's Mads Thimmer

Last week, Amazon took the wraps off of its Kindle Fire HD. Claiming top billing in the latest issue of our slate-friendly publication, the new tablet gets the full review treatment from Engadget HQ. Does it pack enough punch to claim the Nexus 7's budget crown? You can rest assured we'll tackle that question and more. In case you were on a remote island a couple of days ago, Apple dedicated a few hours to the iPhone 5 with an event in chilly northern California. Our editors offer their thoughts on the proceedings and we snag a hands-on preview of the iOS 6-toting handset. If that doesn't wet your gadget whistle, Darren Murph recently spent some time going inside Innovation Lab with its co-founder, Mads Thimmer, chatting about a driving passion for what's next. Now that the week is over, cozy up in your favorite chair because this edition is hot off of the e-presses.

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