iPhone 5 shipping times slip almost immediately to 2 weeks, early birds feel validated

When we suggested it would be a good idea to stay up late (or wake up early) to guarantee a launch day iPhone 5, we meant it. Those bent on pre-ordering through the Apple Store saw the company's online portal exhaust itself within an hour of the 3:01AM availability -- faster than the iPhone 4 and 4S, and no doubt crushing the hopes of North Americans who value their sleep. Individual US carriers weren't quite so quick to sell out, although they weren't far behind. AT&T is now quoting two to three weeks for any new orders, and Verizon doesn't see any new orders on their way until September 26th. Only Sprint is left taking pre-orders with the expectation that they'll arrive next Friday, and it's certain that the supply situation won't get better in the near future. We're curious to see just how many iPhones sell before the weekend is out, or even the day; given the briskness of pre-orders for the iPhone 4S last year, we wouldn't be surprised to see some braggadocio from Apple or the carriers by the time Monday rolls around.