Pegatron reportedly nabs 50 to 60 percent of iPad mini orders, breaks up Foxconn's monopoly

While folks are waiting for their precious new iPhones to arrive on their doorsteps, word has it that the leaky iPad mini has unsurprisingly entered mass production, but with a twist. According to today's front page news on Taiwan's Economic Daily News, reports from two local securities firms claim that Pegatron's managed to nab a staggering 50 to 60 percent of iPad mini orders from Apple, meaning Foxconn is finally no longer the sole assembler of iPads. Together (plus component suppliers Foxlink, AUO, TPK and others), both companies will apparently be able to churn out up to 5 million iPad minis monthly.

Then there's the iPhone 5 as well: the paper says at least 53 million units are expected to be shipped this year, therefore Apple's adding Pegatron to the assembling front line as early as Q4 in order to maintain a steady supply of products. Obviously we can't use this information alone to deduce whether Apple is moving away from Foxconn, but as long as people get their iDevices then it's all dandy.