Keepin' it real fake: the 808 PureView that wasn't

Zachary Lutz
Z. Lutz|09.19.12

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Keepin' it real fake: the 808 PureView that wasn't

Meet the 808 Android: the modern day equivalent of those fake mobile antennas that people would attach to their cars in order to make others think they were a big shot. Yes, this device is an Android 2.3-powered forgery of Nokia's 808 PureView, but instead of 41 megapixels of imaging awesomeness, you'll find a mere 3.2MP setup that occupies the presumably hollow protrusion on the rear. Keeping with the theme of slumming things up, the 808 Android offers a 550MHz CPU, a 3.5-inch HVGA resistive touch display, a stylus for easier input and data connectivity that tops out at EDGE. If you were wondering, yes, it's a dual-SIM phone. All of this -- complete with rip-off Carl Zeiss badging -- can be yours for just $73.50. Be sure to peep the gallery below, where you can almost smell the shame.


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