Motorola's RAZR i: benchmarking Intel's first 2GHz Medfield smartphone

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Motorola's RAZR i: benchmarking Intel's first 2GHz Medfield smartphone

Motorola were quick to tell us that we're testing on pre-release RAZR i here -- software updates may arrive before the device does, but these figures below should give you a good estimate at what the 2GHz Intel processor can do. We've pitched it against the US-bound Droid RAZR M, with a capable dual-core Snapdragon S4 clocked at 1.5GHz, and ZTE's Grand X IN, which houses Intel's 1.6MHz Medfield Z2460 and Android ICS.

Motorola Droid RAZR M Motorola RAZR i ZTE Grand X IN
Quadrant 4,944 4,125 2,710
Vellamo 2,442 1,906 1,550
SunSpider 0.9.1 (ms) 1,951 1,062 1,355
AnTuTu 6,364 6,175 N/A
GLBenchmark Egypt Offscreen (fps) 56 41 N/A
CF-Bench 9,392 2,973 873
SunSpider: lower scores are better

So what do all these numbers mean? Well, Intel's 2GHz processor is pretty capable. Although the RAZR i only bests the RAZR M on SunSpider browser performance (something that Intel's been focusing on with its mobile hardware), it's a substantial score difference. Otherwise, the Europe-bound RAZR skates pretty close, if behind the RAZR M's benchmarks. There's a hiccup on the CF-Bench score, something that we also noted on the Grand X IN. While both the ZTE and Motorola devices are running Android 4.0, there's still a tangible difference in these early benchmarks -- perhaps testament to both Motorola and Google's proximity and the debut of Intel's faster 2GHz Medfield processor. We'll be testing out those power-saving promises from the chipmaker over the next few days.

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