Apple's EarPods get the iFixit teardown treatment, found to basically be earbuds

As we briefly mentioned in our EarPods review, iFixit was able to teardown Apple's latest generation of earbuds, which are currently shipping with the iPhone 5. While we weren't quite sure what was going on with their insides, the site has confirmed some of our suspicions and detailed a few other fun facts. As it turns out, the internal layout of each earpiece is essentially that of an average 'bud with a forward-facing driver. The new top section, with its side-facing audio port, is apparently a good chunk of what affects the sound in unison with those strategically placed vents. The improved bass and low-mid response we noted in our review falls in line with iFixit's confirmation that the new driver in each Pod is made with a paper speaker cone -- in contrast to the plastic used on the older model.

As the site notes, those driver diaphragms should be less likely to blow-out, and the basket behind 'em have also been updated with a cleaner fit and finish. Aside from that, you'll be pleased to know that the inline remote appears to have an improved seal for protection from the elements, and it'll hold up better to cable snags. As you might imagine, the $29 headphones have been deemed as disposable rather than repairable. Don't take our word for it however -- you can read the teardown for yourself at the source link below.