Casio's Exilim EX-H50 superzooms its way to Photokina, we go hands-on (video)

Looking for a superzoom camera without the bulk of a DSLR? Casio's Exilim EX-H50 is a pretty slick proposition. The camera's got a reasonably slim profile that's a bit more like an oversized point-and-shoot, slight bulk that's presently largely because of the extended soft grip and big three-inch TFT display on the rear -- and then, of course, there's that 25 mm wide-angle lens with 24x optical zoom that certainly adds a good deal to the camera's footprint when extended. The flash adds a bit too, but that'll lay dormant until you pop it out via the devoted switch just to the left of the bump, on top of the camera.

The zoom is quite smooth -- it certainly did the trick snapping photos of strangers socializing in the halls of the Cologne Convention Center. That three-inch screen is big, if not particularly bright, but does the trick for the camera's fairly simple menu system, which also includes a number of filters like Fisheye, Sepia (move over Instagram) and Monochrome -- the processing on each occurs after the photos are snapped. Inside, you've got a 16.1-megapixel sensor.

The superzoom will run €250 when it hits Europe next month.

Steve Dent contributed to this report.