HTC shows design work for Windows Phone 8X and 8S, strips them bare (video)

HTC and Microsoft have been cautious about what they'll let us see of the software on the Windows Phone 8X and its 8S counterpart. Apparently, they don't have any such compunctions about leaving the phones' naked components hanging in the breeze. Along with outlining the essentialist, Metro-inspired philosophy behind the Windows Phone 8 devices' design, HTC's new behind-the-scenes video (after the break) shows the internals without that extra-colorful shell getting in the way. The exposé is more about the sheer demand for customized hardware to match those distinctive enclosures than anything too scandalous -- that tapered shape requires some finessing on the inside, we're told. Whatever you think of HTC's guided tour, the company has at least learned its lesson and decided against including any unexpected prototypes this time around.