MakerBot Store tour (video)

After the news-filled event MakerBot held, just down the street from the Atlantic Terminal in Brooklyn, we found a fleet of cars ready to ferry us back to Manhattan. The cars weren't there to return the press to their various offices, instead they shuttled us en-masse to the brand new MakerBot Store that opened today in NOHO. The small shop sits on Mulberry St., just half a block north of Houston -- number 298 to be specific. Out front is a small discreet sign that reads "MakerBot." What will really draw people inside is the six-foot tall 3D-printed track that guides giant ball bearings through a maze of curves and spirals in the window. Step inside and the sculpture becomes interactive. You spin a large wheel (also printed) and a magnet slowly moves the orbs up the wall before depositing them at the starting point and sending them hurtling through the multi-track course (video after the break). Almost everything in the shop, down to the posts and locks on the display cases, is also printed out on the company's flagship product, the Replicator 2. In addition to buying the printers and compatible spools of plastic, you can also pick up trinkets created with them, such as the MixTape. If you want a less expensive example of the Replicator's wares, there's a gumball-style vending machine that dispenses toys when you insert a $5 token and give the knob a satisfying twist. For more, check out the gallery below.

Edgar Alvarez contributed to this report.