Pentax K-5 II and K-5 IIs hands-on (video)

Everyone loves a sequel, right? This here is the K-5 II, the new DSLR from Pentax, making an appearance on the show floor, here at Photokina in Germany, alongside the rather similar, if somewhat pricier K-5 IIs. Let's start with differences between the K-5 and the K-5 II, shall we? Megapixel-wise, we're still talking 16.2, though the II models have the new SAFOX X AF sensor, which delivers the promise of better low-light sensitivity and quicker auto-focus. On the rear, that 3-inch, 925k LCD promises a sharper image and better image angles -- both looked pretty good in our time with the camera.

As for differences between the K-5 II and IIs? Well, you wouldn't be able to distinguish between the two, if it weren't for the difference model names on there front. So, what are you paying that extra $150 for? Well, the premium ditches the low-pass filter, promising sharp images (though you're losing anti-aliasing in the process). On the top of both, you got a big monochrome display and a somewhat tricky function wheel that makes you press down a button to turn.

Both of these guys are coming to a camera store near you next month for $1,200 and $1,350, respectively.

Steve Dent contributed to this article.