PlayStation Plus added to Vita this November, existing users already in

PlayStation Vita owners will get access this November to the promised PlayStation Plus program, previously exclusive to Sony's PlayStation 3 console. Like on PS3, Vita PS Plus subscribers will get "free games, receive discounts for select titles, and enjoy other benefits unique to the service." Sony detailed some of those unique benefits on its US blog, including "Instant Game Collection" (free games), "Discounts" (um ... discounts), "Online Game Storage" (1GB of cloud storage for game saves and DLC), "Automatic Updates" (auto-start and download/install of game demos and updates), and "Automatic Trophy sync" (which syncs your earned Trophies to PSN). In so many words, it's exactly what you get on the PS3, but on the Vita. When it launches this November, it'll come in a few pricing options: 90 days for $18 or one year for $50 (30 day subs are locked to Asia). Folks who already have subscriptions on the PS3 will get PlayStation Plus on Vita included in their existing subscription, which seems perfectly swell if you ask us.