Skullcandy launches Edit headphone customization service, personalized cans from $199 (video)

One charge you could never level at Skullcandy is that its headphones are drab. But, if you were still thinking that the designs just aren't, well, jazzy enough, perhaps the new Edit service is for you. Taking a page out of Fanny Wang's book, the headphone maker has handed the painter's palette over to you. An online tool presents you with a stock pair of Aviators, letting you choose the color of the headband, frame, cord and ear caps -- all for $199. If you're even more fussy specific, an extra $20 will open up extra cap options. The creatively challenged among you needn't worry either, as there is a randomize button, and once you've conjured up something to your taste, naturally you can share it with your social world. Already set on your team's colors? Wave a brush over the source link to get started.

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Personalize Your Supreme Sound Experience with Skullcandy Edit

(Park City, Utah – September 17, 2012) – Skullcandy, Inc. (Nasdaq: SKUL), a high growth lifestyle audio brand, today unveils its newest initiative, a headphone customization program called Edit. Providing a unique opportunity for customers to become designers, Edit enables its users to personalize Aviator headphones directly from the comfort of their own home via the Skullcandy website. With an expansive color palette that allows for thousands of unique combinations, and an easy-to-navigate interface, Skullcandy Edit culminates the final creative element to personalizing its user's music experience-all for just $199.99.

Skullcandy Edit brings a new meaning to lifestyle headphones, granting a near unlimited range of color combinations to suit even the most motley tastes. If that isn't enough to satisfy, additional interchangeable caps may be purchased to mix and match the look for $20/pair. For users that prefer to roll the dice, the option to "randomize" their Skullcandy Edit selection is also a feature.

"Skullcandy Edit embodies our goal to provide a high end, custom experience for our customers," said Brett Barlow, VP Interactive at Skullcandy. "Music is a powerful form of self-expression, and Edit extends that expression beyond music to the headphone itself. With thousands of possibilities and a unique, interactive interface, Edit provides an experience and product that will strengthen our relationships with customers and specialty retailers."

Once the simple design process is complete, Edit users are able to share their creations with family and friends via social media and view other customized Aviators in the online inspiration gallery. As the reigning brand of custom headphone production, Skullcandy provides a smooth process of concept creation to delivery, typically within 10 business days. Next year Skullcandy will expand Edit beyond Roc Nation Aviators to other headphones in our line.

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